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"SEBBIN" Gel-Filled Mammary Implant

All of our implants are pre-filled with the same cohesive medical-grade silicone gel but vary in firmness and shape to provide solutions for all preferences. Different projections are available in several volumes. The diversity of our ranges allows patients to rebuild themselves aesthetically and psychologically

Latest generation implant surface

Sebbin has developed a brand new surface for the shells of their latest generation breast implants. This surface has very low roughness and is therefore classified as “smooth” by the international ISO standard. A recent clinical study involving several hundred patients, published in a major international journal, has shown that this new surface is associated with a very low capsular contractures rate. 


Answers to the questions you may have.

1.What are Sebbin products?
Sebbin offers a large range of quality standard and custom-made medical devices:
– Silicone implants (breast, gluteal, testicular, calf, thoracic)
– Facial implants (chin and malar)
– Skin expanders
– Lipofilling and scaffolds

2.What is a breast implant?
An implant is made of a flexible envelope of silicone elastomer that gives a desired shape to the prosthesis and acts as a interface with the surrounding tissue. The envelope can either be sold empty to be filled with physiological saline by a surgeon during the procedure (implant called “inflatable”), or sold pre-filled with cohesive silicone gel.

3.How to choose the right implant for me?
To meet every patient’s needs, Sebbin offers a wide range of silicone implants with different shapes, textures and gel cohesiveness. Your surgeon can help you choose an implant that suits you, by taking precise measurements and photos of your chest. Thanks to an online virtual tool, you will be able to simulate the final result in augmented reality. Your surgeon may also suggest placing sizers in your bra to compare different possible projections of Sebbin implants.